An Insurance Agents Guide to Partnering with a Restoration Company

As an insurance agency, one of your goals is to keep your policyholders happy while also ensuring your agency’s success. This can oftentimes result in unpredictable situations making your role as the agent or adjuster hard. 

We understand that some of the most important decisions you can make involve choosing which restoration contractor is right for the job. How can you be sure you are selecting the best? 

It is important for you to find experienced and qualified restoration companies in this highly competitive industry. Businesses that offer exceptional levels of service that is backed by years of experience help you not only satisfy your clients but also avoid costly expenses. 

When looking for a partnering restoration company, it is important that you make the right decision for your clients and your agency. Here is a list of 5 things you should consider when choosing a professional restoration company: 


An established restoration company stays in business because they are consistently providing quality services and have the reputation to prove it. 


A full-service restoration company is ready to respond to any call and has the proper equipment to complete each project. From high-tech dispatch systems to industry approved products, a restoration company is only as good as the equipment they use.


Working with a restoration company that has IICRC certification, you can rest assured htat you are partnering with a business that is a restoration certified professional company. It is also important to you inquire what type of ongoing training technicians receive to ensure the company is up to speed on all new processes that could benefit your clients and save them money. 


From immediate responses for clients that have emergencies and field technicians available 24/7 to excellent communication skills. It is important to feel confident in the restoration company you suggest for your clients. When discussing customer service expectations, make sure the company has the staff needed to provide the best experience possible and the knowledge to evaluate claims efficiently. 


When a restoration company has corporate backing from a national brand, the level of commitment to exceed industry standards is elevated. The benefits of being locally owned, allows your clients to reap the benefits of working with local vendors and service providers.

Making the choice on a preferred restoration company can be a tough one. Make sure to speak with several representatives along with other insurance agencies so that you have a real sense of how each company operates. One of the most important factors in choosing a restoration company is knowing that you can be comfortable trusting them to deliver the same level of service you offer. 

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