Common Causes of Mold and the Types That Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

There’s mold in the air around us. The miniscule spores – invisible to the naked eye – float through the air waiting to settle down and consume. Mold has been on the planet for millions of years now. It will be here long after we’re gone. However, right now, mold does not belong in your […]

How to Clean Up Sewage Water

We won’t sugarcoat it: a sewage spill is an absolute nightmare. Not only is the situation disgusting to deal with, but it’s also dangerous to human health due to the contaminants lurking in the dirty water. Take a step back and avoid coming in contact with the incident. The best way to clean up sewage water is […]

Is Water Damage From Appliance Leaks Covered by Insurance in Mohave County?

In the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, you rely on a variety of appliances to keep your home running smoothly. In each of these rooms, there are plumbing connections. One mishap could lead to a washing machine or refrigerator leaking excess water all over your floor. The resulting water damage can quickly spread, causing a […]

Three Things to Do After a Home Fire in Mohave County

A house fire can happen to anyone. It often occurs when you least expect it. While cooking in the kitchen, stepping away from the stove for a moment too long could mean the entire room goes up in flames. Similarly, misusing a fireplace or lit candle could result in furniture or carpeting catching fire. Many […]

Safety Tips to Avoid a Home Fire During the Holidays

According to the National Fire Protection Association, more residential fires occur during the winter, during the holiday season, than any other time of the year. Take a look around your home during the holidays. You’ll notice lit candles, space heaters, a glowing Christmas tree, perhaps even a cozy fire in the fireplace. These are all potential […]

Could Mold Grow in My Mohave County Home?

There are many different types of mold, and they can present themselves differently inside your home. You may spot a few black spots in the bathtub or fuzzy patches on your bread. No matter the type, mold is unsightly and potentially harmful to your health. At the first sign of mold, most of us want […]

How to Clean Up After Water Damage

There are many ways for your home to suffer from water damage. A leaky pipe could lead to slow damage over time, while a flash flood may hit all at once. Whatever the cause, dealing with water damage is a hassle. Few homeowners are truly equipped or prepared for the task. You may require water damage […]

Could Water Damage Be Covered by Insurance?

When your residential property or commercial property has suffered from water damage, what is the first thing you do? Naturally, you want to clean up the mess and salvage as many items as possible. But once that’s been said and done, the next steps can be daunting. Depending on how bad the damage to your property […]

How Long Does It Take for a Flooded Bathroom to Dry Out?

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the entire household. Subsequently, it is also the room with the most plumbing connections. It’s convenient, isn’t it? Yet a lot can go wrong with so many pipes, fixtures, and fittings tucked away behind walls and underneath flooring. Just a single leak can cause extensive […]

Smoke Damage Is Real – These Are the Things That Could Happen

A house fire is one of the worst disasters any homeowner can endure. It’s extremely dangerous to both the property and your family. Fire damage is known to devastate your possessions as well – it can destroy keepsakes and treasured items in a single event – it’s extremely stressful. But the fire damage itself is not the […]