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Mold Damage Experts of Mohave County

Mold Damage Remediation Experts of Mohave County

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Mold Remediation & Inspection Services

Mold can be costly, difficult to remove, and dangerous for your health. Improperly handled water damage can lead to mold. If the mold is left unchecked, it could further result in reduced indoor air quality and an unsafe environment. If your home or commercial building has a mold problem, don’t hesitate to enlist Restoration 1’s certified mold remediation specialists to help you with mold cleanup and restore your property to normal.

Even if you haven’t experienced significant water damage, a problem as simple as a leaky window could lead to mold damage. Those with asthma may be especially sensitive to the presence of mold.


How Do You Get Rid of Mold? Call Us!

Moisture and mold go hand in hand. To get mold out of the home, you have to address the moisture problem as well. Call Restoration 1, where our local experts will clearly explain our straightforward process, so there are no unknowns for you to worry about. Any of our water damage services will immediately address mold issues and attempt to prevent mold before it appears. However, in the case that mold does arise, our team of specialists certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) can remediate the problem.

Our mold remediation experts have been thoroughly trained in procedures including safety measures, engineering controls, containment methods, and how to use standard approved work practices and professionalism. Needless to say, when you hire Restoration 1 for mold cleaning services, you’re hiring quality, transparency, and efficiency at a fair price.

How to Deal with Mold

Mold. That four-letter word can strike fear in any family or business property owner. At the simplest, it is ugly looking, yet at the worst, it can threaten you, your family, or your employee’s health. Mold can start from something as simple as a small leak under your sink or water heater. Did you know that still water can turn to mold within 72 hours? That’s fast. If you do think you have mold, don’t think the worst. It could be a small area. The best advice is to hire a professional.

Your local Restoration 1 company has been trained and certified in mold remediation. Just give them a call 24/7. They will assess the damage and give you proven expert advice on the next steps. They will guide you through the entire process. Let your local Restoration 1 company help you get your property back to normal. Your Restoration 1 company is local, certified, and independent. They are ready to serve you and your needs as their priority.

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