Disinfection Services

Advanced Disinfection & Antimicrobial Protection in Mohave County & Surrounding Areas

When you want confidence that your home or business is clean and healthy, professional disinfection services is the answer. Restoration 1 of Mohave County offers fast, affordable disinfection services for homes, businesses, and rental properties throughout the area.

Whether you need one-time cleaning after a known infection or want to schedule regular, recurring disinfection services, we can help. Call us today to learn more!

Stay a Step Ahead of Viruses & Pathogens

At Restoration 1 of Mohave County, we take our disinfection services seriously. Perhaps you want to protect your employees from contracting an illness at work, or you have an immunocompromised family member requiring special care. No matter your reason, we are here to offer a solution that works for you. 

Our team is fully equipped and prepared to disinfect your property, following all CDC guidelines. Our disinfectant solutions are safe to be used on surfaces, furniture, and even electronics. Our disinfectants inhibit the spread of viruses and bacteria, creating a safer and healthier environment.

CDC Guidelines

Our disinfectant products are EPA-approved and we follow all CDC guidelines for disinfectant and antimicrobial products.

Safe & Effective

With the widespread application, we can treat larger areas for greater coverage and better efficacy. 


Lasting Protection

Our disinfection treatment prohibits virus and bacteria growth after application, delivering long-lasting results.

Facilities We Disinfect and Sanitize

Restoration 1 of Mohave County offers disinfection services for homes and commercial properties throughout the area. 

 We can clean and disinfect:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Homes
  • Vacation Homes
  • Rental Properties
  • Daycares
  • Gas Stations
  • Bars
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Assisted Living
  • Retirement Homes
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Churches
  • Sports Facilities
  • Car Dealerships
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Medical Offices
  • Government Offices
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Fire Departments

The Restoration 1 Promise

3 Simple Steps for Restoring Your Property After a Disaster


Call Now

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Get Expert Help

We’ll work to minimize the damage so your property can be restored as quickly as possible.


Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your property is in expert hands. We are here to help.