Smoke Damage Is Real – These Are the Things That Could Happen

A house fire is one of the worst disasters any homeowner can endure. It’s extremely dangerous to both the property and your family. Fire damage is known to devastate your possessions as well – it can destroy keepsakes and treasured items in a single event – it’s extremely stressful. But the fire damage itself is not the end of it. You see, smoke damage is just as terrible. Smoke residue is a lasting, harmful contaminant that affects both your health and your property. Something must be done!

Issues from Fire and Smoke Damage

Following a blaze, the fire damage will lead to charring on certain items and discoloration on the walls, with ashes on the floor. You can also clearly see the items in your home that have been damaged by smoke specifically. Smoke damage contributes a sooty film made up of carbon particles. Smoke damage also leads to extensive odor and possible side effects to your health, as smoke residue is toxic. Unfortunately, not all signs of smoke damage are immediately evident – some take time to really become visible.

  • Discoloration – Discoloration is one of the top issues from smoke damage. Within a few days, your home’s walls and flooring may turn yellow, but this effect does not present itself immediately. If you have marble or granite countertops, these will immediately show permanent discoloration due to the residue found in soot.
  • Odor – We provide smoke odor removal services because this pervasive odor is one of the primary effects of smoke damage. The surfaces in your home, including fabric, will absorb and emit a smoke odor. The smoke itself produces carbon particles, known as soot. Soot is what causes the intense odor you notice after fire damage.
  • Electrical – When it comes to smoke damage, many people don’t consider their electrical system. However, the electrical system may be compromised by both the heat and the smoke residue. The system may not operate correctly, and could even spark a separate fire if not assessed and repaired.

Your Environment

The areas which are damaged by smoke residue are usually obvious. That’s not all smoke does, though. Smoke can get into almost any system, and into any area of your home with ease. You may notice enclosed spaces, such as dresser drawers and closets, have suffered smoke damage, too. We think of a closed drawer or a closed door as being safe, yet even the smallest crack can compromise the entire space.

Also, the smoke damage could be hidden behind drapes and blinds – which you might not think to pull back. In fact, these areas may even attract more smoke because of their temperature difference from the rest of the house, so be sure to examine both areas thoroughly. However, it is safer to hire a smoke damage restoration expert to handle the situation for you.

At Restoration 1 of Mohave County, we’ve earned a reputation for providing efficient smoke odor removal and smoke damage restoration services. Our technicians are certified by both the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). We know best how to handle smoke damage. Contact us when you need us at (928) 235-4193 – call day or night, we’re here for you.