The Three Grossest Consequences Of A Water Damage Disaster In Kingman

water damage kingman kitchen

Water damage is a messy, messy ordeal. Very rarely is water damage made up of completely clean water. In practice, floodwater is often contaminated with all kinds of bacteria and microbes. As a result, floodwater can become a huge, dangerous mess that invites all kinds of bugs and mold. From our water damage restoration professionals at Restoration 1 of Mohave County in Kingman, here are the grossest consequences of a water damage disaster. 

Water Damage Restoration in Kingman

Contaminated Water

One of the nastiest elements of water damage is when the water is contaminated. Water damage restoration experts classify flood water into three main categories. These are clean water, gray water, and black water. 

water damage kingman kitchen

Clean water is floodwater that has not been contaminated and is safe to come into contact with. Water overflow could overflow from your bathtub if the drain becomes clogged.  

Gray water is water with a low to moderate level of contamination. You should NOT contact or ingest gray water as it is not usually clear what specific contaminants it contains. An example is rainwater flooding into your home after a major storm with unknown contaminants.

Finally, black water is the most serious type of contaminated water. Black water is extremely dangerous and should only ever be handled by trained professionals. Black water is floodwater that contains raw sewage or fecal matter. Touching or ingesting black water can cause serious illness or even death. 

Pests And Insects

There are lots of creepy crawlies out there that would just love to take up residence in your home. Your home becomes an even more attractive location for these pests if it suffers from water damage. Many types of pests like termites, earwigs, ants, cockroaches, and rats are attracted to moisture and will not hesitate to take over your home if they find it filled with floodwater. However, these pests are more than just minor annoyances. Some of them can carry dangerous diseases, and having them in your home will expose you to these threats. 

On the bright side, the advice for keeping bugs out of your home if it floods is simple — get rid of the water! The longer flood water remains in your home, the more likely it becomes that some pesky pests decide to stay for a while. 


It’s hard to talk about the consequences of water damage without bringing up mold. Mold is an almost unavoidable problem for moderate to major water damage disasters. Mold can wreak havoc on your home by releasing its toxic spores into the air and spreading its unsightly fungi throughout your home. The advice for mold is similar to that for pests and insects — remove the floodwater and excess floodwater from your home as quickly as possible. 

Don’t put up with the disgusting aftermath of a flood any more than you have to! If your home is ever affected by a flood, give us a call at Restoration 1 of Mohave County in Kingman without delay so we can be right out to help you begin repairing the damage and restore any potential messes.