Three Things to Do After a Home Fire in Mohave County

A house fire can happen to anyone. It often occurs when you least expect it. While cooking in the kitchen, stepping away from the stove for a moment too long could mean the entire room goes up in flames. Similarly, misusing a fireplace or lit candle could result in furniture or carpeting catching fire.

Many homeowners don’t know how to properly react after a fire. They have experienced loss and are overwhelmed by the recovery process. Following a house fire in Mohave County, here’s what you should do ASAP.

Call 9-1-1

Even if the fire is relatively small, your best option is to call emergency services to handle the blaze. The local fire department will arrive within minutes of your phone call. They can then use their hoses and extinguishers to put out the fire and rescue your home.

However, when the fire is put out, your home usually suffers from water damage. A fire hose deposits a large volume of water directly into your house. The result can lead to mold growth, ruined possessions, and damaged walls or floors. This will need to be addressed on top of the smoke and fire damage.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company should provide all the coverage you need after a house fire. Policies typically cover such damage because it is accidental or sudden.

After you speak with the insurance company, they will send an insurance adjuster to your property to examine the damage in-person. You should not complete any permanent repairs or renovations before then. If you do, the insurance company will not pay for the damage or the repairs you already completed.

You’ll also want to take photographs or video of all the damage involved. Having evidence will improve your odds of receiving coverage.

Call for Fire Damage Restoration Services

Once the blaze is under control, you should call a local restoration company for 24-hour fire damage restoration services. Restoration specialists in the area will arrive quickly after your initial phone call. Then, they can assess the true extent of the damage to your home.

Following the assessment, the restoration team handling your case will clear the work with you, then begin repairs and restoration services. If the fire damage is too severe, expensive reconstruction may be necessary.

In the wake of a severe house fire, always call for emergency services. Then, call for 24-hour fire damage restoration services from the experts at Restoration 1 of Mohave County. We are committed to helping homeowners and local businesses move on after a serious fire of any size or severity.

Call now for fire and smoke damage restoration services at 928-642-9265. We’ll send an experienced restoration team straight to your home for immediate assistance.